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The Fox & The Law – ‘Cheap Talk’ review

By Courteney Deutschmann


Cheap Talk’ is a true-to-the-essence neo-rock tune that hits you like a tidal wave and crashes down on you, with a force that only hard rock is capable of.

The song is the latest single from Seattle garage band The Fox and The Law, and the first from their third studio album ‘Stoned to Death, released in October this year.

‘Cheap Talk’ sounds like a classic rock track - with its heavy crunching riffs and gripping guitar distortions - yet, it also has just enough of it’s own persona to add a little new-ness to this tried and tested old-rock style. Appropriately named, ‘Cheap Talk’ is the kind of track you find strangely familiar and intriguingly different all at the same time.

Lead singer/guitarist Guy Keltner’s vocals are superb, his ability to enchant the listener with both his voice and tough guitar playing is more than demonstrated in this track, overloaded with raspy tones and playful lyrics.

BUT (yeah, sorry Foxers, you knew it was coming), although the song is a thing of axe-wielding beauty, the video is a serious let down. Visually, it’s interesting enough to keep you staring at the screen just in time to hear the voice in your head say, ‘’Wait? Why am I watching this again?”

…Pretty much an epic fail.

If the voodoo theme that runs throughout the video accomplishes anything, it’s to make no sense whatsoever. The opening lyrics “It cuts deep like a knife through butter, Ch-ch-cheap talk, you left me for your next door lover, I’d better take a walk” conjure the image of a wounded guy, basically saying a big ‘F*ck you’ to the girl that decided to dump him and rip his heart out. Unfortunately the video chooses to entirely ignore this, and instead we get a voodoo witch doctor, a cursed guitar, a couple of possessions – in the demonic sense - and an ungodly priest. Why? Go figure. Add all this together and you get a huge steaming pile of disappointment.

Take a good song, add great performers and wicked vocals and what do we get?

Rock and roll.

Take some rock and roll, add a nonsensical video and a bunch of unrelated stuff that the director quite likes and what do we get?

Cheap talk.

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